Yahoo gets a new logo after 18 years

Yahoo has changed its 18 year old logo to a new one. The new logo marks another change among several for Yahoo to reinvent itself.

Yahoo today unveiled its new logo. The Yahoo logo has been the same for over the last 18 years. Yahoo had previously run a 30 days of change campaign where everyday for a month a variation of the logo was posted. Yahoo has had major failures over the years and still is considered a company with a tricky future. But in the last year, under a new CEO it has tried very hard to re-invent itself.

So here is the newly designed logo for Yahoo against different backgrounds.

Yahoo New Logo
Yahoo’s New Logo

The new logo does not have any straight lines. The letters have thin and thick strokes.

The new logo is not impressive. It is different mainly in the context of typography but still retains the idea of spelling out the word “Yahoo!” from the old logo. By the way, here is the old logo which Yahoo has discarded.

Yahoo Old Logo
Yahoo’s Old Logo

Marissa Mayer is a ex-Google employee who took over as Yahoo CEO. She is a geek and has tried to reinvent Yahoo back to its geeky glory. The Yahoo CEO has not disappointed with her hands on with the new logo designing process. She also outlined the process of creating the new logo in a blog post.

Yahoo has lately over the last year made a lot of noise. They firstly bought Tumblr and rolled out 1 TB free hosting space for photos on Flickr. They have revamped email services with a new interface or rather phased out the older email interface. Yahoo mail is even offering saving attachments directly into Dropbox accounts as they do not have their own cloud sync service. Yahoo seems to be getting its act togeather but I feel it might be too late for it to ever reach its former glory.

Getting back to the new logo for Yahoo, what do you think about it? Do drop in your comments.


Naweed September 6, 2013

The grouse about Yahoo’s new logo has more to do with the company’s performance in the recent years rather than the skills of its graphic designers.

Victoria September 9, 2013

I would actually say new in “” since the logo has not changed much as well as the overall impression – would say upgraded at maximum

Chaitanya September 10, 2013

I expected something great from Yahoo this time but alas, they disappointed me again…

Gnyff September 11, 2013

Ok, they discarded the fresh, custom font for a more generic looking one (OK, with some shadow effect)… And the same with the color(s). Could almost be the logo of a bank. I guess they mean “business” now! 😉
The most surprising to me is that they did not dump the exclamation mark also…
I’ve got no idea what they are aiming at – but from my point of view a more conservative logo is not a good sign! 😛

Saurabh September 13, 2013

Yahoo is turning things around, beating google in terms of unique web traffic, and now competing in the sphere of interface. Logo is cool simple and simply yahoo!