[Annoucement] Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is active

We started this blog about a year ago to blog about all things WordPress. Currently WpVeda has mostly been updated by our development and blogging teams with tutorials and tips on WordPress. Generally we avoid displaying Adsense Ads on new blogs. Now we have reached the stage were we can go ahead with Adsense Ads being displayed on WpVeda.

We have also now activated Adsense Revenue Sharing Program on WpVeda.

WPVEda Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

This will mean that you can write a post for WpVeda and can earn 100% revenue of the Adsense Ads displayed on your post.

Join rtBlogs Network as a Guest Author and visit this link to activate your Adsense Ads on WpVeda. You will also get information on Google Ad Color Settings.

You will be getting 100% revenue earned from Adsense Ads on your posts with WpVeda.