Get Adsense Revenue Sharing on WpVeda

This is a cross post from WpVeda – our blog dedicated to WordPress.

More than a year ago we announced a new blog in our rtBlogs Network called WpVeda.

WpVeda is a blog on all things WordPress. WpVeda has mostly been updated by our development team with tutorials and tips on WordPress. Many DW regular visitors might be aware of our Adsense Revenue Sharing Program. We have decided to make Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is now available with WpVeda.

This will allow all Guest Authors on rtBlogs Network to write on WpVeda and make money from our Revenue Sharing Program.

The idea is simple. Your posts, your Adsense Ads on the blog.

If you have already written articles on WpVeda and then click here to activate your Adsense Ads on WpVeda. You will also get information on Google Ad Color Settings. 🙂

If you are new to blogging or want to join up our network as a guest author but do not have the time to keep up a blog. Do join our network and earn 100% Adsense revenue on your post with your Adsense Ads.