Apple iPad 3; worth waiting or not?

Apple’s latest tablet in the iPad series that is iPad 3 is on its way and will be launched in the first quarter of 2012. As expected the internet and tech blogs are flooded with thousands of rumor related to iPad. Most of them are just gonna be rumors and we’re not going to repeat them here. We have just created a list of expected features of iPad 3 and based on them we will tell you whether it’s worth waiting for iPad 3 or you should buy an iPad 2 right now. Let’s have a look at them:

Expected features of Apple iPad 3:

  1. Retina/HD display: Currently this feature is in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and most probably this feature will be there in iPad 3. A retina display not only gives you a very good screen graphics quality but it also enables to run many new applications which are based on Retina display only and gives you a better user experiences of those apps. Although the display of iPad 2 is good too and there’s no other tablet in the market which’s having this Retina display.
  2. A6/Quad core Processor: This thing is also expected in iPad as Apple always upgrades the processor of their new product. If new quad-core processor is there in iPad 3 you should definitely wait for it as this high-speed processor will support so many new application and will give a better graphic quality. It will obviously increase the processing speed hence lesser time to do your tasks.
  3. Siri: The artificial intelligence feature that made the iPhone 4S popular. If it comes in the new iPad then you should definitely wait for it and I think it will be there. But it’s totally your personal choice whether you want Siri in the new iPad or not. Some people are waiting for iPad 3 just because of Siri.
  4. Better Camera: A new 8 M.P camera in iPad 3 is expected but the camera of iPad 2 is good too. I don’t think waiting for iPad 3 just because of a good camera is a nice idea.
  5. Screen Size: Rumors says the new iPad is going to have a 7″ display but I don’t think it’s true, Apple won’t make iPads having screen size smaller than the current size. However they might launch two different iPads for that.
  6. Battery Life: The new iPad will definitely have a better battery life which might increase its cost as well. But if you are getting a nice battery life in a Tablet PC then you should wait for it as battery life of a tablet matters a lot.
  7. Price: Price is a main factor here. The cost of iPad 3 will be either equal to iPad 2 or it will be little expensive. If it will be the same as iPad 2 then Apple will slash the prices of iPad 2 by $100. That means even if you are planning to buy iPad 2 you should wait till the launch of iPad 3.
Well according to these points it’s quite clear that even if you are planning to buy iPad 2, you should wait for some time as you will either get a cheaper iPad 2 or you can get a new iPad with awesome new features. So just wait for some time to get a better deal. Stay connected for more updates on iPad.


Shailendra Singh Bais January 8, 2012

All things I completely agree.

Ankur Mittal January 12, 2012

Wow…Retina Display, Great to here this
love you Apple