Apple’s mobile app market share dips!

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Yet the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is not in force and what you see above is mere a transition which has happened without this new couple participating. Apple has successfully maintained it’s dominance in the Mobile App sales in the last year i.e. 2010 and has even registered a growth of 131.9% over the sales in 2009. However the moment you start comparing this growth with the other Mobile app sellers (Blackberry, Nokia Ovi and Android), few eyebrows would raise.

Why did Apple’s growth slow down?

One of the major factors of the slow down is the rapid growth in Android phone sales. While Android app sales has grown by more than 850% in just one year, even Nokia has managed to grow by about 720%. Another reason is that Apple’s mobile apps being sold since long and hence there is now a concentration in the market, resulting in lower demand.

Can we conclude that Apple has starting losing it out, or will this prepare Apple better for the upcoming years? However the revenues have doubled over a year, hence Apple apps collectively do not looks like doing bad. Let me know what are your views and do post your comments!