Apple’s Mountain Lion to Bring iPad Experiance to Mac

Apple has unveiled plans for its new upgrade for computers with OS X Mountain Lion. The update will be available this summer but a developer version is already available for Mac users. There is one minor change in the name of the OS, which clearly shows the direction Apple is taking it this new upgrade.

They have dropped ‘Mac’ and are simple calling it OS X. Sure enough, visiting their preview website we come to know the real reason.

They are pitching the OS upgrade as ‘Inspired by iPad. Reimagined for Mac.’


What to expect from OS X Mountain Lion?

  • The new upgrade will allow sending unlimited messages from Mac to iPod, iPhones and iPad devices. This will work pretty well within the Apple ecosystem.
  • Mountain Lion will also allow users to follow Twitter updates with their official app being baked into the OS. Sharing of website on Twitter will also be made a lot more easy. Twitter has actually been leveraged as the social product far more than Facebook by Apple.
  • Users will also be able to share photos directly from their computer onto Flickr with a in-built app. This actually keeps in line with making the Mac experience a lot more similar to iPad.

Post PC Era?

The post PC era is a term often used by Apple, to point out that iPad like tablets and iPhone like smart-phones will eventually replace computers. It suits Apple to say this as a lot of their devices are personal devices and they do not sell Macs as much as say PCs.

Microsoft has also taking into account this possibility and with Windows 8 has also opted for a linear approach with Metro styled layout with many apps. This is apparently a way to bring in uniformity to the experience of using a Windows Phone, tablet and PC.

With Mountain Lion OS X, Apple might be trying for a unified experience across all devices running the same OS. That might not happen anytime soon. Also getting a bit of iPad or iPhone magic on the Mac, might tempt users to make sure their next computer is a Mac and not a PC running on Windows.

Link: Mountain Lion OS X Preview


sahil February 18, 2012

i dont think it will bring touch to imac, if it comes it can new tablet version of imac… 🙂


Aditya Kane February 18, 2012

@Sahil: As the OS update is software based, it will obviously not be about touch based input like they have on the tablets.