Microsoft Security Update Tagged as Malware!

Last year, a security update from Microsoft tagged Chrome as ‘Malware’. It did cause trouble for some Chrome users, who had to re-install their browser and that probably set some people wondering if Microsoft was upto some mischief. Microsoft has done it again now, by tagging as a Malware in a February 2012 update.

After a Microsoft Security update, many people, when they visited, ended up getting the following message.


Many complained about not being able to look up on this Microsoft forum. Soon Microsoft released a patch that fixed the issue.

If you are facing a similar issue, you might want update Microsoft Security Essentials. This will fix the issue.

How to detect unsafe websites?

If you want to make sure that a particular website is unsafe or not, then it is better to check it through multiple sources like WOT and McAfee Site Advisor. If more than one source finds a particular website unsafe, it is best to avoid it.

The reason, I suggest using more than one source is, because in the past even Google’s own safe browsing diagnostic tool has suggested has potential ‘Malware’ on it.

What are your views on Microsoft Security Essentials? Have you had trouble with it? Do drop in your comments.


Gagan February 17, 2012

Well I just wonder, if these giants are being treated as Malware due to some unknown problem, what will happen to those whose sites just get blocked by some unknown reason?

Aditya Kane February 17, 2012

There were some details that Google was running a video graphic for valentines day, which might have triggered this. But I guess then it should have happened to all pages with embedded videos.

Haresh February 17, 2012

Isn’t that too silly? Does it require too much of technical analysis to say that itself doesn’t have malware?

Aditya Kane February 17, 2012

Yes. It does not require an tech analysis but most of these things are automated and can lead to embarrassing results.