Apple to release 13″ retina MacBook Pro along with iPad mini

Rumors have been circulating regarding Apple releasing a smaller version of iPad on 23rd this month, possibly being called as iPad mini. It turns out that, Apple is going to release a retina version of their 13″ MacBook Pro, along with the iPad mini.


9to5Mac, a popular Apple-dedicated blog, has confirmed that the there’s going to be a release of retina version of the current 13″ MacBook Pro.

With iPhone, iPad and the recent 15″ MacBook Pro going all retina, releasing a retina version of the 13″ isn’t a big surprise.

There aren’t much details about the laptop, except that it’s going to be thinner and lighter, just like the 15″ retina MacBook Pro. It will be sold in two versions with varying processor and storage configurations.

Apple has updated the 13″ MacBook Pro lineup in this year’s WWDC – with ivy bridge processors, USB 3.0 and all, but the screen resolution was still the same. Heck, the 13″ MacBook Air has better resolution than the 13″ Pro. So a retina version is a big welcome.

The non retina version of 13″ MacBook Pro will still be continued, as there will be a lot of people who don’t want to spend extra amount of money for the retina version.

Putting laptops aside, I wonder if iMacs get updated with retina, as they can be really pricey.

Source: 9to5Mac