Reeder: The best Google Reader client for Mac

I’ve been a long time user of Google Reader, and though RSS might sound old school to a lot of people, it works for me. Unlike Windows, which has very few good RSS readers (and most of them are ugly, seriously), Mac has got a lot of news readers to choose from.


Reeder is essentially a RSS reader for your Mac which actually sync with your Google Reader (so all your subscribed blogs, starred items, etc. are still there).

Reeder is really beautiful in design, with a very Mac-ish look, i.e having a gray feeling all over it which makes user focus on the content.

It has a three column layout allowing you to switch between two themes. You can also customize the tint, texture, contrast etc., which will make the app more reading-friendly.

One really good thing about Reeder is that, it supports a lot of sharing services including Pocket, Readability, Evernote, and a lot more. If you’re running Mountain Lion, Reeder will use system wide Facebook, Twitter and iMessage sharing feature.

The app supports multi touch gestures and a bunch of keyboard shortcuts which are configurable, too.

Reeder isn’t filled with lot of features, but that’s what makes it so usable. The app isn’t free, you can get it for 4.99$ on the Mac Appstore. It is also available for iPad and iPhone.

Link: Reeder