Apple Store India is down, iPhone 4S coming soon?

This is a quick post to update all of you with some Apple news. For all the Apple lovers in India, there might be a good news for all of us. The official Apple Store India i.e is down and they are updating their catalog. That means there’s a new Apple product on its way to India. The more possibilities are of the latest iPod Touch but that product is already on the Indian website of Apple. So the new product may be the latest phone by Apple i.e iPhone 4S. There’s also a possibility of Apple launching their new Macbook in India.

The chances are low as the product is expected to be launched in India in December with 70 other countries but you never know what’s there on the mind of Apple. 😉

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One Comment

Udit October 26, 2011

My guess is that it’s in fact going to be bigger than either of those, I just noticed that on the Apple Store US page, they’ve just added an option to Finance different Apple products, in case that is what it is then it would be much much bigger than what you anticipate, other than that I’d put my money on it being Apple’s new range of MacBook Pros with slightly speced up graphics cards & processors