Create Fake Facebook Wall posts of your friends [How-to]

Original Facebook is little boring now and people are looking for more fun stuff on it rather than just contacting your friends. Some like playing games on it and some just like to have fun by sharing funny things like videos and pictures. Here’s something funnier for you. This post will tell you how you can create a fake wall posts of your friends or even anybody in the world. You can post a status update, friendship updates, relationship, events, likes or even photos with anyone’s name with it. Let’s give you an example, check out the pic below. πŸ˜‰

How to Create it?

To create a wall like this go to website After that click on “f connect” button so that the application can access your Facebook profile data. Now it will show you a wall in Latin language. Click on the profile name, photo, like or comment to edit it. You can also add a picture and profile name directly from Facebook. To add a new friendship update click on the “Friendship” link given below on that page. You can do same for the Photo, Relationship, Like and Event updates.

This is a cool application and you should definitely give it a try, don’t forget to share your fake wall post with us. πŸ˜‰


Arun October 25, 2011

We too wrote a similar post @ Axleration.

Rajesh October 25, 2011

this one seems real fun, let me try this tool.. super like..

sauravjit October 25, 2011

Thanks Rajesh πŸ™‚

manish October 25, 2011

Saw this yesterday on labnol, it’s a very epic tool.