[Infographic] How Mobile Apps Compare: Android vs iOS

Increasingly the fight for who controls smart-phones the world over, has become iOS (Apple) vs. Android (Google). This is because more than specifications of a phone, apps have become more important. Apps make mobiles phones more personal and people tend to not migrate from one platform to another if they are hooked on to apps and features of a particular platform.

This infographic by UTest, shows a great comparison between apps form these two competitors. Remember iOS as a platform only runs on iPhones and is not open-sourced. Android is a lot more open and manufacturers can actually do a lot more with it (good and bad things).


It seems overall Apple’s iOS has better performance of Apps, but that is expected as iOS runs on a predictable sort of hardware. While Android apps seems to be easy on the wallet.

Do you own an iPhone or Android phone? Which one would you prefer? Do drop in your comments.


Agent Deepak March 4, 2012

I prefer Android. Android has great future ahead and as you pointed out getting a Android phone is easy on your pockets too. The growth in performance of Android OS has been tremendeous in latest versions.

Darshan March 4, 2012

The comparison between iOS and Android is like comparing ASP.net and PHP!

If you pay, you can get stuff easily and without any hazards. If you choose open source, you can increase your personal knowledge and become a hacker of everything your phone does.

BTW, Its an awesome Infographic. Very useful data to be refereed to when speaking in the friends circle.

mehta March 6, 2012

iOS and Android both have their different utitlity. Personally I like Android most. Android apps are best to use…

Roy March 6, 2012

Good graphic with 2 surprises – how similar the user happiness figures are and also that News is the worst for both OS – poor considering how big news outlets are. The big difference on Install is to be expected as iOS apps are in more of a walled garden than Android’s.

Most ironic result has to be 59% of iPhone users hating Pricing – er, hello? That’s like buying a Ferrari and complaining about the fuel consumption

Devagya Uikey January 31, 2013

Really good comparison, i’m gonna vote for Android, iPhone apps are expensive….i know developers put real hardwork on iOS, it’s till been an expensive phone and out of reach to budget conscious and now-a-days Android is rumbling over all.