Has Apple reached its Peak or hit a Plateau? [Infographic]

Apple is the world most valued company. It is also one of the most profitable companies in the world. The profits really are raked in by the billions by the uber-successful iPhone. There are also other trends likes less iPhone users want to buy another iPhone compared to previous years. Also Apple has missed the […]

65% people can’t live without their iPhone

I have heard of iPhone users falling in love with their phone. But the true extent of iPhone craze can be only understood, when a survey shows up that 65% users cannot live without their iPhones. Smartphones purchases also are affecting other types of gadgets. For example 60% of iPhone users will not buy a […]

[Infographic] A World without Google

Over a decade ago, when Google was winning hearts and minds of internet users but no one could guess that it would dominate the web, like it does today. Google started with search but today it dominates email services (Gmail), video streaming (YouTube), mobile phones (Android) and a host of other useful features like Google […]

Infographic: Who is Winning the Games Market between iOS and Android?

In recent past, there have been many discussions on various blogs about which platform is better; Android or iOS. In my opinion it does not matter which platform is better as both seem to be pretty close performance wise. But revenues for Apple and Google will not come only from the sale of devices but […]

Infographic on Gender Balance on Social Networking Websites!

Social networking websites always attract different type of users. For instance a professional is more likely to have a profile on Linked In than say Pinterest which might be attracting a younger crowd. But what about numbers based on gender. Are there more men or women on social networks across the world. This infographic shows […]