Ask a question to 500 million people with Facebook Questions

Facebook recently announced a new feature on its blog. This feature is called Facebook Questions. The way it will operate is quite easy. You go on your Facebook account and ask a question to Facebook users. Your question will be answered by other Facebook users.

Below is an image of how Facebook will introduce this feature on our Facebook accounts.

What will Facebook Questions mean to Facebook?

  • It will mean simply that your questions can have a potential of 500 million people answering. This huge number means obviously there are a lot of people who are experts in various fields and can answer all kinds of questions you ask.
  • This will create a great platform for users across the world and expertise to interact in a more dynamic way. It might be interesting to see how Yahoo Answers and Google’s Aardvark will deal with the phenomenon as they also give similar services.
  • This also could open a way for sponsored answers to questions or even consulting charges for very difficult questions which might need considerable research.
  • If Facebook gets this right it will surely be a huge revenue earner for them.

Can you get Facebook Questions?

No, at the moment the feature is still in beta mode and I tried to access it but message I got was “we are still not ready for you” 😛

Keep reading Fbknol for latest happening around Facebook and its new feature. Do comment and let me know if you find the prospect of asking questions on Facebook interesting?

One Comment

Anshul Dixit August 1, 2010

I am eagerly waiting for this feature. It will be interesting to see how this feature will change search engine dynamics…