How to Search People On The Web? Use Pipl

I was searching for an old friend on internet when I came across an interesting site-Pipl. Pipl is a specialized search engine for searching people and the results are quite impressive. Pipl displays not only links to all of your profiles on social networks, but also blog mentions, publications, photos on Flickr, Picasa etc. It […]

How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server

After my last post on my experience with Indiatimes domain service, I got a couple of questions asking how to change the dns settings for domains registered with Indiatimes. As I already mentioned in that article, Indiatimes does not provide total dns control to its customers. There are, however, two ways you can get your […]

My Experience With Indiatimes Domain Service [TDIS]

Seeing new blogs coming up everyday the writer inside me started nagging me to start my own blog. After giving it a lot of thought I finally started my journey with But having a attached to my url didn’t give that feeling of ownership. So just after a week I started looking for […]