Google is God- Or Is It ?

Google has touched  our lives in ways no one could have dreamt. Be it latest news you want to read (Google news), looking for some good pics for your presentation (Google images), or looking for directions to a new place (Google maps), Google is there to help you out every time. All this had made a strong group of Google worshippers. Lately I came across an article that shows how strong Google’s fan following has become that people are comparing it to God!

The article at “The Church of Google” (read the whole article here) cites some solid reasons for comparing Google to God. One of the reasons given is the omnipresence of Google. Reading this particular point reminded me of a funny video on YouTube which is on the same lines- Google Toilet.

On a Serious Note…

Though amusing, the article and the video are also thought provoking. They show how much we have started relying on Google. Searching something on net has become synonymous to googling, which shows Google is rightly the Big Brother of search engines.

But comparing it to God!!

Isn’t that’s too much? Aren’t we giving too much hype to a piece of algorithm written by two humans? Give too much power to someone and you will be crushed by that power. Already a section of people have started doubting Google’s motto “Don’t be Evil”, because of privacy concerns, to which “Big Brother” replied: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

Google was made to serve humans, not to control them, which is what we are making it do these days.

As for me, I don’t believe for a second that Google can be compared to God. The moment I disconnect from internet, the so called “God” has no influence over my life. Nor has it answered all my “prayers”-there are hundreds of things I searched on Google for which I didn’t get a satisfactory answer. And the latest embarrassing mistake by Google’s algorithm (see image below – pointed by only proves that it has to cover a long way before it can even be called the God of Internet.

Link: Image Credits | labnol


HR March 10, 2010

Hell No One of my brain 😛

Dnyanesh Mankar March 10, 2010

Google is very powerful and people are paying for using Google for free. They are giving away their privacy for free. Lifehacker has a great article which helps user to go Google independent.

Anshul March 10, 2010

We have become so used to google that internet without google seems impossible.

Agent Deepak March 10, 2010

My Question – Why even debate if Google is God or Not?

himanshu March 10, 2010

he he nice post. google should watch this

Abhishek Kumar March 11, 2010

Google has never been God, it used to be Good, now its not even that with all the greed it has developed for user’s private data with the introduction of GoogleDocs, GoogleWave, GoogleBuzz and so on ….

Siddhu March 11, 2010

Haha the toilet video is so true.. Google should not be considered God..

Anshul March 11, 2010

I second the motion 🙂

samjeetmathew March 12, 2010

I have problem with my gtalk application ( not gmail chat) when connecting from normal windows xp pc .
problem is with 10 of my colegues working in the same network. 15 minutes after login to gtalk it shows my status to others as am offline. For me freinds appear as offline while they are realy online .

When i login again it will show status of online contacts properly ( online ) for 10 to 15 minutes again GMT + 4 uae is time zone.

It is windows domain based network with ISA and Juniper as proxy and firewall , all gtalk connection are passing through these two.

rajat March 13, 2010

Nice video !!supernews guys also made a video about Twitter, pretty funny.

NIHAR January 5, 2011

Well, I also normally say that google is god… but ofcourse not exactly in the sense as the real god..
Google is just providing the medium/way to connect the whole internet and all those information and services available on net.
in a way I am not calling google as god but to the website which provided very good information or the service to me.
most of the time we don’t even remember the site’s name or any other description and just go for the usual search and find the answer.

Imagine an ‘encyclopedia’ having ‘No index’… It would be extremely difficult to find anything… The google is the ‘Index’…

robin May 10, 2011

for me google is everything it give me knowledge!!…

Admirer August 31, 2011

It’s even greater than the God!