5 Useful Search Engines For Students

Google is the super efficient and most used search engines but some students have their own preferences and hence here is a list of 5 Useful Search Engines For Students


Google has become synonymous with search. But who knows better than a student, how many times Google has failed to produce the desired results. You are looking for a well researched article on High Strength Steel for your project and all you get by ‘googling’ is a Wikipedia link you can’t rely upon. You need an eBook for one of your engineering subjects, and what you get is a link to Google books with some sample chapters. These are just a few of the frustrating experience a student goes through.

So if Google can’t provide you with the relevant result, does that mean there is no such information on the web? Well there is. All you need is the right search engine to retrieve it for you.

Here is a list of a few of such search engines.

1) EBook Engine : This is ultimate resource to find free e-books. The website claims that “If your e-book isn’t here, then it is likely you cannot download for free anywhere.”


2) Pdf Geni : This is yet another wonderful search engines for ebooks. You can download a firefox search plugin to use it directly from your browser. The search engine is also compatible   with iphone.

pdf geni

3) Wolfram Alpha: It is a “computational knowledge engine which aims to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.” You’ll find it useful for complex math problems. And what’s more, you can download its mobile application to solve your problems on the go.

wolfram alpha

4) DeepWebTech: If you are looking for some serious articles related to science, business, medical or technology this is the place to go to. It searches for these articles from the “deep web”- the part of the internet that is not crawled by normal search engines like Google. DeepWebTech gets results from the databases of recognized institutes and organizations across the world, something which Google can’t do.

A suggestion- use this if you need in depth information, such as for your engineering project etc.

deep web tech

5) DeepPeep: This is another search engine working on the same lines as deepwebtech. You can get articles from the database of renowned institutes like MIT.


Armed with these search engines, you will easily get through all your college reports and projects. And will stay a step ahead of your peers.

Is there some specific search engine you use apart from Google ? Share it with us through your comments.


sidduz March 29, 2010

Nice article, Im presently using Wolfram Alpha which works on web 3.0 platform and is efficient.

Anshul March 30, 2010

I am using Wolfram Alpha firefox add-on and it really works well for comparison searches.

Nishant March 29, 2010

I’ll be honest, I didnt know about any of them before. Really thank you for this post. Should come handy every now and then.

Anshul March 30, 2010

Glad that you found it useful Nishant 🙂

fareed March 31, 2010

this is really useful search engines nice post

Anshul March 31, 2010

Thanks Fareed 🙂