How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server

domain_registrar After my last post on my experience with Indiatimes domain service, I got a couple of questions asking how to change the dns settings for domains registered with Indiatimes.

As I already mentioned in that article, Indiatimes does not provide total dns control to its customers. There are, however, two ways you can get your dns settings done.

1) Providing details to Indiatimes tech-support team

You can mail the Indiatimes web-support team at “websupport[at]” with the required cname, aname and mx records. For me it took 5 days, 4 e-mails and 5 phone calls before the changes were finally made, but ideally you will get it done within 2 working days.

2) Manage your dns through another domain vendor who provides total dns control

This is my preferred way, because you get full control of your dns settings. There are many registrars who provide this service for free. I will tell you how to do it with GoDaddy Offsite DNS.

i. Login to your GoDaddy account and go to

ii. Click Add Off-Site DNS.

Off-site DNS

iii. Enter your domain name in the domain name field and click OK.

iv. Wait for a couple of minutes (refresh the screen if required).


That’s the first part. To complete the process you will have to update the domains NameServer’s.

v. Login to your Indiatimes domain manager.

vi. Click on Name Servers.

vii. Update the nameservers with and save settings.

change nameserver

That’s it. Within 24-48 hours your nameservers will be modified and then you can enjoy full dns control through GoDaddy. Thanks Bisomber for the tip.


Hemant Pawar March 11, 2010

Thanks for sharing this information 🙂

Really helpful for managing Indiatimes domains…

Anshul March 11, 2010

Glad that u liked it Hemant.. hope it solved your problem..

Praveen GK May 16, 2010

Fantastic Anshul! Neat explanation!
I just modified the name servers. Let me wait for 24 hours now 🙂

Anshul May 18, 2010

Thanks Praveen. Hopefully within 24-48 hours the nameservers will get modified.

Sandeep Tripathy November 10, 2010

You are great man. I seriously feel I made the biggest mistake by buying from indiatimes domains. But thanks to you can you also tell me how to get rid of this. I mean change my domain registrar,Please

Luvkesh September 19, 2011

THANKS a ton man. Hopefully in 48 hours it will be done.