Possible Threats for Android’s Growth in the Future

On the first glimpse, the title of this post might sound little absurd and weird. After all who would ever want such a leading mobile operating system and a giant company like Google to have any threats? Though, as per a recent report by comscore, in the United States, currently Android owns the largest pie […]

Indian Paypal users need ‘Purpose Code’ and not Import-Export Code to Withdraw Funds to their Bank Accounts

Since a couple of weeks there has been chaos among Paypal users as it paused withdrawal option from Paypal to Indian bank accounts which was one of the most loved and used service among Freelancers, bloggers and service providers to receive money from outside the country. But earlier this week, in one of its official […]

6 Month Unlimited Space and Bandwidth Hosting for just $0.14 [Valentine Offer]

On the occasion of Valentines Day, Award Space is offering a limited period offer of 6 months of unlimited space and hosting offer just for $0.14 without any strings attached to it! To get this hosting account, all you need is a verified Paypal account or a credit card to pay $0.14 (<7 INR) and you’ll be good to go with an unlimited space, bandwidth and domains hosting.

See how Hitler responds to the Apple iPad [Amusing]

Only after a day of the launch of Apple’s latest product – iPad, there is an amusing video released on Youtube wherein, Hitler (imaginary) discusses about Apple iPad and how it could have been a better and a revolutionary product. He also discusses about what’s missing in it that the world expected to be there. […]

Check Who Favorites your Tweets on Twitter

You may like to know who favorites your tweets for several reasons. For example, people usually favorite tweets in their timeline that they like the most and want to use as bookmarks for future references. So, by checking what people like to read, you may keep posting more of such tweets and gain more followers, […]

Check if your Gtalk Friend is Logged in from Mobile, Blackberry Device, Gmail or other Gtalk Client

Recently Gmail officially released a labs feature using which you can determine if your (Google) chat contact is using Instant messenger from an android device or elsewhere.  But using the simple trick below, you can figure out if your Google contact is using Gtalk either from Google’s official Gtalk client, within the browser (using Gmail), […]

Easily Launch Applications on your Computer with ‘Launchy’ [Windows & Linux]

You must have noticed, since last couple of days, I have been writing about productivity apps that helps to easily manage things on your PC. So, here is another utility – Launchy that can help you easily launch applications installed in your pc with maximum of 2-3 key strokes. If you are an avid computer […]

Yet again Gmail Users Face Downtime and Problems Accessing Contacts

Suddenly, a couple of minutes ago while having chat with one of my friend, Gmail started giving some errors and after refreshing the page for a few times I got a “Temporary Error (503)” message as seen on the screenshot below. After waiting for few minutes, when again I started refreshing the page, another strange […]

“Everything” helps you Search Everything on Windows PC!

Just like Flashnote, “Everything” is another must have windows utility that can help you easily locate any files or folders in your windows PC on real time basis. All you need to do is install Everything and put the initials of the file name you want to search and all the files will be listed […]