Check Who Favorites your Tweets on Twitter

You may like to know who favorites your tweets for several reasons. For example, people usually favorite tweets in their timeline that they like the most and want to use as bookmarks for future references. So, by checking what people like to read, you may keep posting more of such tweets and gain more followers, though there may be several other reasons you may like to know what tweets are favorited by your followers.

check who favorites your tweets

Using a free service – Favotter, you can check who favorites your tweet. Best part is you need not ever create an account or signup with the service, just visit the page and enter your twitter handle to check out who favorites your tweets. Well, as its not login based service, if your tweets are protected then you may not be able to use this service.

Link: Favotter


Nikhil Pai January 19, 2010

Nice find! Very useful! Was interesting to see who had favorited my tweets & got some very pleasant surprises!

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@ Nikhil
Glad to hear that. Personally, I felt this is something Twitter addicts would love to use. πŸ˜‰

Sandir February 10, 2011

Every time I’ve tried to access Favotter, it gives me error message that its not online πŸ™ Is the site not available anymore? Are there any other similar sites? Cheers, Sandir.

Dmiter Petrov January 14, 2012

Actually this is not supported by twitter API. The only thing that can be done is to retreive other user’s favorites so the information you get might not be exactly accurate. One way would be to get all the favorite tweets of the users following you and lookup where your user is mentioned. This way if someone favorited your tweet but is no longer following you – you cannot see that favorited tweet. Examples of such websites are , and others. It would be best if Twitter returns back old tabs like “my tweets retweeted” and similar so people should not use third party websites.