Flashnote: Simplest Note Taking App [Windows only]

Since more than a year now, I am using Flashnote, the simplest, lightest and easy to use note taking app I have ever come across and importantly this wonderful app for windows is absolutely free. After installing flashnote, you can open the app by pressing “Alt+S” (default shortcut key) write anything there and press escape to close the app. You need not waste time opening a new file, saving it, etc. All I can say is just use it once and see what wonders it can do for you! 😉


Features of Flashnote:

  • Easily launch flashnote by pressing “Alt+S” or any other predefined keyboard shortcut
  • Entered text automatically gets saved to a specific windows folder
  • Create categories and sub-categories for different notes
  • Easily backup/export all your notes within second
  • Option to use customized background and text color

Few Features I wish Flashnote had:

  • Auto backup of data on the cloud and option to sync with multiple computers at work and home
  • Support for other operating systems as well
  • Support to take note of screenshots as in one note and some other note taking app

Hope someone from Flashnote team reads this and try to implement the suggested features.

Links: Flashnote | Download Flashnote

Checking Adsense Revenue without Logging into Adsense Site [How-to]

There are chances that you log-in to your adsense dashboard each morning to check your revenue reports, etc. So, here in this post I am going to mention various ways using which you can check your Adsense revenue reports without logging into the adsense dashboard periodically.

Firefox Add-on for Checking Adsense Revenue

why do work adsense addon You can either install a Firefox add-on –Why do work adsense Monitor that will continuously keep updating (refer the image) you about your adsense earnings on the Firefox status bar or you can even get adsense reports directly from Adsense team periodically which we will be discussing later on this post.

If you want to continuously keep tracking your adsense revenue and other reports such as CTR and eCPM then this Firefox add-on is the best way, as it will keeps syncing the data in your Adsense dashboard. Once you download the plugin you will have to provide your adsense login credentials for this plugin to work.

Email reports for Adsense Earnings

Recently I came to know that, you can even subscribe for daily reports from Adsense team containing the reports for the previous day. Pavan has explained in detail on how to get adsense earning report on your mail box daily or over a given time period. You can head over to this page to know step by step procedure for subscribing to adsense email reports.

Links: Adsense revenue monitoring Firefox plugin | Step by step instructions to start getting adsense email reports

Getting Windows 7 like Task Bar on Windows XP [How-to]

win7 taskbar in xp About a month ago, I installed Windows 7 on my computer and enjoyed it a lot. There are many useful features in it. I specially, loved the option to pin/unpin items from taskbar. Now, while using my windows XP PC I am feeling really uncomfortable and chaotic to see the traditional task bar of windows XP.

So, here is a simple and free utility – ViGlance for Windows XP and vista users that can change the look and feel of the taskbar of your old PC and make it similar to Windows 7. If you love tweaking your XP or vista machine or want win7 like feature on your old office PC then you can try it too! 😉

Link: Download ViGlance

$2.99 .COM Coupon Codes from Godaddy!

Its been long since we last posted a working Godaddy coupon code for purchasing .COM domains. So, if you are waiting to purchase a domain, then its the right time you can get one for just $2.99. 🙂

Coupon Code: 299BUYCOM

godaddy coupons

Things to remember:

  • Code applicable only for .com domain purchases
  • Code applicable only for new Godaddy customers. If you are an existing Godaddy customer, you’ll have to open a new account on Godaddy and then transfer the domain to your primary Godaddy account free of cost.
  • Unlike customary domain purchases, if you would like to use this coupon code, you will have to make the payment either via a credit card or by check!
  • As you can see on the screenshot, $2.99 is the basic charge. The total checkout amount would come to $3.17 including taxes and ICANN charges.

Thanks Santosh for the tip! 🙂


As commented by Pavan, this coupon is valid for existing customers as well!


As pointed by Martin, this coupon is no more valid and you cannot get a domain using this coupon anymore.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Individual Domains [Firefox Tip]

There are a few blogs and sites that I need to open plenty of times everyday. Hence, I have assigned keyboard shortcuts to each domain so that I need not type the full URL of each domain again and again. For example, I have assigned “LH” for Lifehacker, “D” for Devilsworkshop, “M” for MobileGyaan, etc and whenever I need to open Devilsworkhop, just putting the letter “D” on address-bar opens up Devilsworkshop. There are various ways of assigning such shortcuts but in this post I am going to mention the simplest way of doing this that doesn’t even need installation of any add-on.

Assigning Shortcuts to each websites:

  • firefox shortcuts Bookmark the domain on your Firefox bookmarks list that you want to assign shortcut to
  • Open Firefox bookmarks list by pressing “ctrl+b” inside Firefox, locate the domain you just bookmarked
  • Right click on the domain and click properties
  • As seen on the image, put your desired keyword and save it!

Voila, you are done! Now anytime you you need to open the site, just enter the keyword you assigned to it on your Firefox address bar and hit enter. This way you can assign shortcuts to as many sites on your bookmarks list, provided you do not use the same keyword for two different websites.

Webmail Ad Blocker: Firefox Add-on to Block Ads on Webmail Services!

A couple of weeks ago, Rosa Golijan posted a tip in Lifehacker, wherein, she mentioned a few sentences using which as Email signature massacred the Gmail ads automatically. Though it was a quite interesting tip, but it is not always practical to use an irrelevant signature on your email so that the receiver of the email may not see those distracting ads within Gmail.

You can remove such unwanted ads from your webmail service (Gmail, yahoo, etc) simply by installing a Firefox add-on – Webmail ad blocker and forget those ads forever. 😉


Ads visible without Firefox addon – WebMail Ad Blocker

webmail ad blocker 

Ads are massacred completely only with a Firefox add-on!
webmail ad blocker1

Links: Download Firefox Web browser | Download WebMail ad Blocker add-on for Firefox

JDarkroom: Distraction Free Cross-platform Text Editor

JDarkroom JDarkroom is a cross platform simple text editor that can increase your productivity manifold by making your computer screen a writing room with nothing on the screen except the text you write. It helps you write essay, speech, blog posts, etc without any distraction like popup, notifications, IM, Emails, etc and it is preferable tool for professional bloggers and writers.

Importantly, this awesome application comes absolutely free for all operating systems- Windows, Linux and Mac.

Features of JDarkroom

  • Customizable background, text colors and size (F6)
  • Feature to count word/character/lines (by using the keys Ctrl+L)
  • Text search (Ctrl+F)
  • On startup opens the file that you were last working on

Link: Download JDarkroom

Assigning Shortcuts for Searching Contents in Individual Domains [Firefox Tip]

firefox search

Many a times I need to search content only on a particular blog/site and visiting the same domain again and again becomes a tedious task. For example, while writing new posts for DW, I link back to my previous posts and I need to search only in Devilsworkshop’s search bar for this purpose as I need only the posts written here.

To make this task easy, couple of months ago, I found a cool trick (via my friend Dnyanesh) using which, you will not have to visit the domain again to search contents in it. You can assign shortcut, for example I have assigned “DW” for devilsworkshop search and whenever I need to search anything here, I just enter “DW” followed by a space and the search keyword. You too, can assign such shortcuts for searching contents in individual domain simply by following these simple steps! 😉

Steps for Assigning Search Shortcuts in Firefox:

  • Open the desired website (in Firefox) that you want to assign shortcut to and right-click on its search bar and click “add a keyword for this search”
    dw search
  • Adw1s shown on the screenshot, add a name to the search and put your desired short keyword for the particular domain
  • Voila, you are done! Now just enter the letter “DW” followed by a space and your keyword on the Firefox address bar and hit enter!

    dw search1

That ‘s it, you will immediately land on DW’s search results page with the keywords you entered even without opening this blog! 😉

Silently, Orkut’s Favicon Undergoes a Minor Change!

orkut new faviconIt’s been a few weeks since I noticed Orkut’s favicon was been revamped little bit. Though the design was as usual, the new favicon looks more attractive as it has been made more glossy!

Though I noticed it few weeks ago, it seems guys at Orkut did not find it worth mentioning on their official blog about such a good change.

If you are not aware, earlier this year, favicon of other Google products were been revamped and now Orkut too, underwent a favicon change. Is Google on its way to rebrand all its product? What’s you take about this new favicon?

Recognizing Spam Twitterers and Reporting them to Twitter Team

twitter spam This post may look bit irrelevant to you, but recently some tips came to my mind to identify a spam twitterer which I thought to pen down for you all :) . It may be useful for you if you are new to Twitter and decide following back your followers.

Who is Spam Twitterer?

Twitter being one of the trending social networking platform with a reported growth of about 1300%, more and more spammers are turning on to twitter to get attention from as much people possible. So, in simple terms, spammers in twitter having spam twits are known as spam twitterers.

Why not to follow Spam Twitterer?

Usually having much spammers in your followers list is not considered to be good as many people visiting your profile page for the first time may judge about you with your following and followers hence, it may directly effect your following count. Moreover its also been said that, your profile may be at risk of being suspended by Twitter if you have a huge count of spam following and followers.

Common characteristics of Spam Twitterer:

  • spam twitterers Timeline usually filled with promotional twits
  • Spammers usually do not have a avatar or have nude pics as their Avatar
  • Mostly spam twitterers have a following and follower ration greater than 1. It means, the number of people they follow exceeds the number of their followers.

Reporting Spam Twitterers to Twitter Team

To help Twitter recognize spammers and keep twitter clean, you can report suspected spammers by mentioning the twitter user to @spam. @spam is a dedicated and official twitter account that is available to report suspected spammers.