Airtel to sell iPhone 3GS in India

Today, Bharti Airtel agreed to sell Apple’s iPhone 3GS in India in the coming months. Airtel is India’s largest mobile phone operator by users. Yesterday, it had also submitted its bid to participate in a bandwidth auction for 3G services, and the successful bidders would be allowed to offer 3G services on commercial basis from […]

6 Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

Spam is a thing which every high-traffic (even some medium or low-traffic) blogs, forums, websites etc. have to face. In this post, we will discuss some of the best plugins for WordPress which can deal with spam. No, not those based on Captchas or making your users solve math problems, rather we will discuss on some of the new and innovative plugins which work differently, but do the same thing, that of taking out the spam from your blog.

Passwords of Thousands of Hotmail Accounts Leaked Online!

Microsoft had a bad weekend as around 20,000 hotmail accounts were hacked and their passwords were posted on October 1 by an anonymous user on pastebin, a website used by programmers to share code snippets. The page was removed soon after (even the cached page by Google). How were the accounts hacked? The most probable […]

Google’s New Translate Bar Widget for Websites

Some months back Google had launched its Google translator toolkit and yesterday, Google unveiled its new translate widget for blogs and websites on the day of International Translation Day (30 September 2009). This translation widget can be easily added to any website and provides translation into 51 languages. Old Widget vs. New Widget You might […]

Vodafone’s ZooZoos receive the PETA Award

Most of you must be fans of the Vodafone ZooZoo ads which are aired in the IPL season 2 breaks. Here’s good news for the ZooZoos fans. Vodafone has won the first Glitter Box award which was given by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India. This award is given to those businesses that take the advantage of humane alternatives to the use of real animals in their advertisements.

Automatic Message Translation – New Feature in Gmail Labs!

Gmail Labs has released a new feature called Message Translation which helps you translate e-mails written in foreign languages into your own language. This feature is very handy for those who receive e-mails from others in various languages. Enabling Message Translation Feature To enable this feature, simple follow these instructions: Login into Gmail Go to […]

Picture Collage Maker: The fast & easy way of creating a collage!

Now you would never have any hassles in making collages for your daily use! Picture Collage Maker will handle it for you! It is a very simple to use program which can turn your ordinary photos into stunning keepsakes. You can also share them with your family and friends! With some few clicks, you can […]