Now quickly view formatted PDF Files in Google Search!

On Wednesday, Google added a new feature to its search results called “Quick View” that would enable the users to view formatted PDF files in Google Docs. Earlier, the PDF files could only be viewed in HTML format and also, they lost much of the formatting, but now the users can view the formatted PDF files with graphics, tables, fonts, etc with the help of Google Docs. This feature has been rolled out for more than 50% of the PDF files in Google’s index. “Quick View” link can be viewed in the second line of the search result, below the title.

Here is an example of the search “filetype:pdf PHP Cheat Sheet” –View formatted PDF files in Google Docs

When you click the “Quick View” link, you will be taken to Google Docs and would be able to see the formatted PDF file like this one –

Formatted PDF file in Google Docs

(Click on the images to see enlarged view)

Google will be soon rolling out this feature for all the PDF files, till then you can use the “View as HTML” feature to see other PDF files.

Happy Searching!

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(Source: Google Blog)

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