Automatic Message Translation – New Feature in Gmail Labs!

Gmail LabsGmail Labs has released a new feature called Message Translation which helps you translate e-mails written in foreign languages into your own language. This feature is very handy for those who receive e-mails from others in various languages.

Enabling Message Translation Feature

To enable this feature, simple follow these instructions:

  • Login into Gmail
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Labs
  • Look for Message translation and enable it
    Enabling Translatin Feature in Gmail
  • Click on Save changes button at the bottom


Translation Feature in Gmail

Gmail tries to auto-detect the language of the message, and you can also control the language you want the message to be viewed in. You can also print the translated version of the e-mail.

Links: Gmail | Labs

(Source: Official Gmail Blog)

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Harsh Agrawal May 20, 2009

This is good..atleast I can read all spam messages coming from Russia or China 😛

venkat May 20, 2009

very useful for Gamil users who have foreign freinds