Google’s New Translate Bar Widget for Websites

GoogleSome months back Google had launched its Google translator toolkit and yesterday, Google unveiled its new translate widget for blogs and websites on the day of International Translation Day (30 September 2009). This translation widget can be easily added to any website and provides translation into 51 languages.

Old Widget vs. New Widget

You might be wondering what is the difference between the old and the new translator bar widget, so here is a comparison between the both:

  1. Auto-Language Detection – The new widget detects the language of the browser, and if it is different from the language of your website, then it prompts the user to change the language. If the language of the browser is same as of your website, then no prompt comes.Auto Language Detection in Google Translate
  2. Stylish Translate Bar – The new widget has a translate bar which shows the language the page has been translated in, and other options like changing the language, restoring the original language of the website, and closing the bar.
  3. Ajaxified Translation – I feel this is the best part – when you translate the page using the widget, it does not refresh the page, instead, it translates the website in the background and shows the translation side by side with a loader in the translate bar.
    Ajaxified Translation in Google Translate
  4. Requires Flash – Inspite of three pros listed above, I feel there is only one con and that is – that it requires flash, but the majority of the internet users have flash installed on their browser, so it isn’t a thing to worry.

After reading the above points, you must be interested in putting this widget on your website. You can easily do that by going to the translate tools page, copying the code and pasting it in your blog or website.

Links: Google Translate | Translate Tools

(Source: Google Blog)

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Sourish Nath October 2, 2009

Wow.I was looking for this kinda stuff for my blog , which takes no extra space in the website or sidebar.will implement it today itself. Thanks Gautam.

Samaresh Biswal October 2, 2009

deepak can u plz publish th step by step how 2 use google translate code in i have used html in a text widget in but now i want 2 use th google code but unable 2 do it plz revert back

Gautam October 3, 2009


@Samaresh doesn’t allow any javascript code to be run and so, I think you can’t add the translate widget on a blog