Facebook And Greasemonkey, Use Facebook in Style

How many times have you been irritated by the useless posts and invites from various Facebook applications, you get on your wall? Have you ever wondered that you might be able to stop all these at once, and not blocking the endless queue one-by-one? If yes, then this post is definitely for you. Various applications […]

Integrate AdSense In Your Blog’s RSS feed

Google Adsense is a service which almost every blogger on the earth uses. For some it’s the primary source of income. With Google Adsnese, bloggers earn money by placing Google Ads on their blogs/website. Whenever users click them, the blog owner gets paid by Google. Adsense is one of the best revenue generating program for […]

Recover all your google accounts passwords

Can you imagine life without google talk, picassa or gmail notifier? In these times, a one minute outrage of google services results in panic all over the internet. People across the globe, rely on the google services for their day to day internet activities. Google has provided us with many useful utilities. But all these […]

Skype is Sold

Finally, the days of deals for out ever loved VOIP communication software, Skype have ended and it has been sold. Skype, which was originally acquired by the online auction giant, eBay has been sold and the deal is completed. The confirmation is given on the Official Skype Blog The investor group is led by Silver […]

Twitter changes the question

“What are you doing?” is the hallmark question with which, Twitter entered the internet and created a revolution in the way, people communicate. However, today, Twitter has changed the basic question from What are you doing? to “What’s Happening?” The reason that seconds the decision of twitter to do so, is largely said to be […]