Turn your computer into a radio station

How many times have you encountered the situation that you really wanted to listen to a song and that song isn’t in your iPod? Rather, it is lying in that lonely computer back at your home. If that has happened to you anytime, we are presenting a solution for that. Today, we will tell you how to turn your computer into a radio station so that you can reach your music database from just anywhere in the world.

There are many possible sharing solutions you may think of, like file sharing etc. but have you ever thought of streaming your media? Streaming is the technology which enable people to hear your music over the internet without downloading anything. Another plus point of doing this is, there can be a single PC storing all the music and there can be multiple PCs connecting to it. This way, this technology can prove to be a massive disk saver.

All this can be achieved by downloading a  free Java-based application called Sockso

Features of Sokso

  • No installation required. Just unzip and go.
  • Share any file format.
  • Java platform.
  • Allow or block any user from downloading your content.

Simple process for setting up Sokso on your PC

  • Download and unzip Sockso to a folder.
  • Connect your computer to a home network / the Internet (depending on where you want to serve the music files).
  • Click on the “Run Sockso” shortcut to launch the program.
  • Select the music files / folders that you want to share.


  • Share your computer IP address and Sockso port number (default:4444) with your friends e.g. http://<ip_address:4444> . They can use this address and listen to your collection using their web browser.


[Editor’s Note: This is a post written by our Guest Blogger Rishabh Agarwal. He is an engineer by profession and web designer by choice along with being a Linux enthusiast. He writes on technology at Techylabs.

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