Integrate AdSense In Your Blog’s RSS feed

Google Adsense is a service which almost every blogger on the earth uses. For some it’s the primary source of income. With Google Adsnese, bloggers earn money by placing Google Ads on their blogs/website. Whenever users click them, the blog owner gets paid by Google. Adsense is one of the best revenue generating program for blogger.

We guess, you are well aware of how to place Adsense ads on your blog. Today, we are going to tell you how you can integrate Adsense ads in your blog’s RSS feeds and get some extra cash by clicks on them.

To setup ads for your RSS feeds, navigate to the following link after logging into your Adsense account:


After that, you’ll be greeted by Adsense for Feeds dashboard. Here, you can choose from various options for ads according to your convenience. These options are:

  1. Name : The name for your ad unit
  2. Size : The size of your ad unit
  3. Ad Type : Text or Image Ads
  4. Frequency : How rapidly you want your ads to be displayed
  5. Post Length : Here you can tell google, for which post length, ads are to be displayed
  6. Position : You can set position for your ads here

After customizing options, you can add your channel to the account and burn the feed.

That’s it. Adsense is now configured for your RSS feeds and readers, who use feeds to read the contents of your website would also be treated with ads. Another way to get some extra cash 😛

How ads look in feeds:


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  1. HEY rishabh thanks for sharing this really worthy information with us…can you tell me lil more about adsense many visitors/day do a site need to qualify for adsense??

  2. Well most likely the adsense for RSS should be used once you have a good reader base. If not it’s just a mere turn off for the RSS reader 😉

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