How To Mute Noisy Twitter Friends For A While

Bizarre questions, unwanted comments and annoying or even embarrassing postings on Twitter? All this can really get on to your nerves. Sometimes you just want quiet and calm. Here is a new Twitter application called Muuter that can help you mute people when they are totally annoying, and that too in just a few clicks. […]

News Aggregation With Twitter Integration

We all know how Twitter has turned into a powerful medium for sharing news going around the world. Not just this, recent reports indicate that Twitter has turned into the fastest growing site with an increase of 1,928 % year-over-year. However, it is a pain when people have to navigate between their preferred online news […]

Google Buys On2 to Improve Video Quality on its Search Engine

Google – the leader in internet search engines believes that high quality video should be part of the web platform. Continuing their effort to make the overall web experience better for people and improve video quality on the internet search engine, Google has announced a deal to buy On2 Technologies – a leading creator of high-quality video compression technology.

No Stopping for Bing; Earns Another 1% of Search Market

Like in the month of June,  Bing continues to make slow but steady progress reveals July reports. According to comScore Global Stats analysis, search engine Bing once again increased the Microsoft share of the US search market in July. Although the growth is minor from 8.23 % in June to 9.41 % in July, Microsoft […]

Most Prefer Socializing Face-to-Face, Not Through Social Networks or Phones

According to a recent study done by Brightkite – the Social Discovery Network, and GfK Technology, a leading market research agency, it has been discovered that most people choose to socialize face to face, the old fashioned way, rather than through social networking sites, computers or smart phones. Two-thirds of the respondents said that they […]

Internet Advertising Catches Up But Frustrates Consumers!

According to the LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll of 1,015 advertisers from agencies or corporations who are involved in the advertising decision making process, advertisers are now switching more and more from Print Ads to Internet and digital advertising. Report also reveals that consumers in today’s world find many characteristics of Internet advertising very frustrating.

Email Security – How Aware Are You?

The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) surveyed consumer emailing behavior and security awareness amongst them and found out that almost a third of consumers accepted to responding to an email they suspected to be spam. Alarmingly, about 80 % of users doubted their computers were at risk of being infected with a “bot,” – a […]

Playing ‘Doctor’ Online? You Are Not Alone!

Talk about healthcare and most people bank on the Internet! According to The Harris Poll survey, most cyberchondriacs (people looking for health information online) value and trust the health care information they read over the Internet, and this in turn leads to discussions with their doctors. Some 11 years ago, one-quarter of all adults, i.e., […]

The Most Trusted Forms of Advertising Globally

The latest twice-yearly Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries tells us that the most trusted forms of advertising globally are from recommendations by personal acquaintances and opinions posted by consumers online. Reports indicate that 90 % of internet users, which means 9 out of every 10 Internet user […]