No Stopping for Bing; Earns Another 1% of Search Market

image Like in the month of June,  Bing continues to make slow but steady progress reveals July reports. According to comScore Global Stats analysis, search engine Bing once again increased the Microsoft share of the US search market in July. Although the growth is minor from 8.23 % in June to 9.41 % in July, Microsoft will sure be happy to see the progress. Google continues to dominate the US search market quite easily with 77.54% in July, down from 78.48 % in June. This is despite Microsoft and Yahoo competition combined with 20.36% of the market, a slight increase from 19.27 % in June.

Global Search Market

On the global front, Microsoft and Yahoo combined took 8.77 % of the global search market in July (8.45% in June). Google still dominates the search market globally with 89.23% in July (89.80% in June).

US Search Market

June 2009 July 2009
Bing * 8.23% 9.41%
Yahoo! 11.04% 10.95%
Bing * & Yahoo Combined 19.27% 20.36%
Google 78.48% 77.54%

* In June, the market share figure includes MSN Search and Live Search

Looks like there is no stopping for Bing. It has, since its launch, consistently been showing positive growth. Share your comments on what you think.


Technology Slice August 6, 2009

If Yahoo and Microsoft together can’t beat Google no one has a chance.

Rahul August 6, 2009

1% is huge search engine traffic. Bing need to do lot more.

Kamal Hasa August 12, 2009

I’d love to see Bing grow to new heights!