Does using a Wi-Fi increase the chances of you being hacked?

Today, I was at my dad’s office and interestingly the Wi-Fi locator on his notebook flashed a new network – ‘Hari Om’ it showed the holly network as unsecured! My curiosity got the better of me and I instantly double clicked and Wolla! It was connected with a signal strength of 80%. Although, I wasn’t […]

Use Google For Direct Downloads Instead Of Torrents

Torrents are fun. Downloading from swarms however has a negative side. The download speed may be capped, there are port forwarding issues. Upload is mandatory and you may not have a good seeders to peers ratio. Using (a take on P2P – stands for Google-to-peer) allows you to search the web (via Google) for […]

The truth about Virtual or Swap Memory

A lot has been said about how virtual memory increases system performance. After RAM, people often suggest the second best way to get a speed boost is to increase the size of pagefile.sys. Its time for debunking some myths about virtual memory. Here are a few false beliefs about virtual memory More is better. Setting […]

Notepad++, Your Regular Text Editor on Steroids

One utility any Operating System can not be complete without is a text editor. To many people the first example that comes to mind is Notepad (In case of Windows). Some on the other hand, may shout “Microsoft Word”, I’d like to offer an explanation here – Word is NOT a text editor instead its a WORD […]

Get Vista Style Breadcrumbs Navigation in WinXP

I formatted my Vista 64Bit and installed WinXP SP3 32Bit. Apart from the reduction in memory from 4GB to 3.5GB, there is no change which I have encountered. Windows XP feels more crisp and responsive than Vista. Your view may differ but this post is about an addon I found which makes Navigation through Windows […]

Gmail: Send mails from multiple addresses using only one account

I have two Gmail accounts, one is my personal email and second is of my blog. Last week, I found out how to integrate both the email addresses so that I could change the “From” field and send an email from any account. It does not matter from which account you are logged in. Here […]

Remotely Troubleshooting Friend’s PC Straight From Your Desktop

All of us have faced this situation, an issue which cannot be resolved. Software not being installed correctly, Software not functioning the way it should, Driver problem, Configuring IIS on windows, Resizing Partitions etc There are time when you must have faced a situation in which a friend of yours could help you out only […]