Apple Safari 4 and WordPress Bug! OMG

This is a really interesting piece of news and I’m digging it as soon as I finish writing. I just discovered this bug in Apple’s Safari 4 Beta. Although some “interesting effects” and minor issues are expected out of a beta release and should go away in the final version but after all, a bug is a BUG!

In WordPress, when we use the Tiny MCE Editor – WYSIWYG and click on Upload Media or Insert/Remove hyperlink or anything which gives a lightbox type effect in a different window and changes the focus from the previous window. The screen gets stuck and kind of hangs! You cant go back, the X (Cross Button) doesn’t work, Esc key fails. It just hangs! You have to close the tab and reopen it all again.

As you can see, both the background and foreground of the popup have merged together and no editting is possible
As you can see, both the background and foreground of the popup have merged together and no editing is possible

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Solution: Mike has posted a workaround here.

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10 replies on “Apple Safari 4 and WordPress Bug! OMG”

  1. @Bapun
    It translates to: People with iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros do not use wordpress as they do not maintain blogs as they are so busy with earning a living and adoring their Apple products that Blogging is just so passe for them. 😉

    On a serious note, Its not a small bug I’d say. Its a small blunder on part of the Safari Team.

    1. @Vaibhav
      People with Macbook pros do blog. I know around 8 people who uses mac and 6 of them blog (all on wordpress except one on movable type)
      I myself using Macbook pro and I not only blog on WordPress but started a company offering WordPress services mainly. 😉
      Also beta versions are always excused for having bugs. Of course, Google keeps their products in beta forever but that’s a different story!

  2. @ Aditya : Your right! even I have also faced this problem in blog (

  3. Hi Everyone, I finally found a solution to the above problem.
    Someone please call the guys at Apple so that they can hire me.

    Ok, Here it goes, It appears that, this is not Safari 4 bug (gasp!), but related to the webkit that Safari 4 use. I’ll still blame Safari.

    Install the webkit by following these steps.

    1. Download webkit from
    2. Run ‘run-nightly-webkit’ till the message ‘XXX files copied’)

    Ok, that’s no rocket science for sure but Apple guys could atleast get me a Macbook Pro (hmmmm iPhone will also do)….
    Is anybody listening?

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