Use Google For Direct Downloads Instead Of Torrents

downloadiconTorrents are fun. Downloading from swarms however has a negative side. The download speed may be capped, there are port forwarding issues. Upload is mandatory and you may not have a good seeders to peers ratio.

Using (a take on P2P – stands for Google-to-peer) allows you to search the web (via Google) for files you want. The concept behind it is simplicity itself – it uses special search operators to search Google for files you want in openly listed directories on Apache servers.

So you can search for songs, ebooks, softwares etc using G2P and get direct downloads! G2P is not a search engine but simply a frontend to one which makes searching for ’stuff’ easier. The data is hosted on by others listed in open directories; you may or may not find what you’re looking for. But for one off cases where you need to download something quickly without bothering about finding seeds it’s a great idea.


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[Editor Note: This post is by guest blogger Vaibhav Kanwal. He blogs at Calling All Geeks about technology.

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VISHAL March 30, 2009

Thanks for the post dude….

It’s really helpful 🙂

James Smith January 3, 2010

I use to you but found much better for finding full albums. It’s good for searching for music posted on blogspot and file hosting sites.

ibud March 31, 2010

I am downloading many torrent right now. For my child. I’ll try this one. Thanks