Auto Approve Pending Friend Request On Orkut!

Orkut Pending Friend Requests

This is a very small but useful script for orkut users who get many friend requests everyday!

I created this actually few week ago for orkutfeeds bot to automate approving pending friend requests.

At this point itself I want to make one thing clear that this script is plain and simple enhancement to orkut. Imagine having a new button named approve all. So do not think that this script will let you add anyone on orkut without other users knowledge or anything like that!

This is a GreaseMonkey Script, so you need firefox as well as GreaseMonkey addon to use this. In case you have both then you can go ahead or read this GreaseMonkey guide.


Install Link – Click here to install this script


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Komal Vahasia June 6, 2009

I still didnt get u that what does this script do. if not accepting friend then what does it do

C August 21, 2009

Please make a script like this for MySpace!

pooja November 24, 2009

i hv installed gresemonkey….but dnt know how to use the script on orkut