[Screencast] WordPress 2.5 RC2 Video Demo – Dashboard

This is first screencast by Matt, founder & developer of WordPress – best blogging platform so far! It is showing dashboard of upcoming wordpress 2.5. Today wordpress 2.5 RC2 released. I am still waiting for final & stable build. First they bypassed 2.4 and also delayed 2.5. But if you watch this video you will come to know why its taking so long!

The most appealing feature is AJAX style tagging. Its there on blogger (blogspot) since long but I missed it very much here on wordpress. Many times I end up creating almost similar tags with one or two character differences. With auto-suggest feature there, this will never happen again.

Also the new gallery feature, much improved WYISWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, support for complete RSS are quite appealing and will abandon many plugins. I love wordpress plugins but I try to minimize their quantity to improve performance!

On personal note, I use svn to manage all wordpress blogs here and these RC build have no svn URL. So I can’t switch to them… 🙁

Anyway enjoy the show…