Your 5 Random Twitter Tools

twitterlogo.gifTwitter is now a part of our online life and we all devour it. It is somewhat a 24/7 knowledge base altogether. Definitely these are just five random tools, there are now hundreds of them populated on the internet to let you become a power twitter user, so just fasten your seat belts… there is a lot more to comeĀ  your way.

Here are some 5 nice random twitter tools for our readers…


It lets you visualize your tweets by adding text effect to your tweets and @replies. You can set this page as your desktop screensaver.



It lets you register domains via tweets. Simply register available domains with a single tweet.


This is a simple tool to let you tweet any selected text as quote. All you have to do is to add the “bookmarklet” and it will help you to tweet the text of your choice by simply selecting in one go.



It is a free info service on twitter which lets you check the meaning of any English word, weather, cricket scores, hastags definitions, acronym definitions with a single tweet. The reply will be sent back to you the way you sent the tweet to it. If it’s via DM then it will DM you the meanings.



Anice tool to let you find your love on twitter. Although this tool is only available for the U.S twitter users, more countries will be added soon.

Don’t forget to share you favorite ones and your experiences with us, as we love to hear from you.

Links: VisibleTweets | TweetName | TweetThisText | @twitlookup | Flirt140

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4 replies on “Your 5 Random Twitter Tools”

  1. Hey great collection of Twitter tools.
    Other tool which I use on regular basis are
    Tweetmelater : It lest you schedule your tweets

    Followfridayreco : help you to find the followfriday reco for people and tweet it easily.

  2. Hi, that was a useful post. I think the most important tool for me is It lets me to auto follow, auto unfollow and also lets me send an auto-DM to new followers..

  3. @Harsh: @Mohit: Thanks for appreciation for the compilation, I didn’t knew your favorite twitter tools, will be checking them.

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