How to keep genuine e-mails out of the Junk Folder in Outlook?

image10Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of important e-mails being redirected to your Junk folder? It is true that we all keep receiving a number of spam e-mails everyday and our Spam filters remain busy through out segregating the genuine e-mails from the “not so genuine”. However, there are times when an important e-mail can get re-directed into the Junk email folder too.

This could also mean trouble if the e-mail is sent by your boss or some client.

This happens mostly when the email is sent to a mailing list (may be your own team) say, from your from a remote client or a handheld device when he was on the move, the chances are that it will land up in the junk folder. To avoid losing on such valuable emails you can save your genuine outlook contacts to a safe senders list.

Steps to add outlook contacts to the safe senders list

  • On the Outlook Tools menu, click Options
  • On the Preferences tab, under e-mail, click Junk e-mail


  • Click the Safe Senders tab


  • Click Add


  • In the “Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box”, enter the name or address that you want to be added and then click OK.

This will make sure that messages from these contacts now arrive only in your inbox.


If you find a genuine email in your Junk e-mail folder mark it there itself as an exception, so that similar e-mails in the future from the same sender or domain does not arrive into the Junk folder.

Here is how:

  1. Click the Junk e-mail folder in the Navigation Pane
  2. Right-click on any message for which you want to set an exception
  3. On the context menu, point to Junk e-mail, and then click “Add Sender to the Safe Senders List” or “Add Sender’s Domain ( to Safe Senders List”


Hope this helps. In case you are not used to Outlook and prefer Gmail or Yahoo, simply add the senders name to your contact book.

One Comment

Dux Is October 22, 2009

We have problems with Verizon users sometimes bouncing into junk/spam and sometimes they don’t.

Is it because those emails from Verizon will come from different mail servers with different IP addresses?