Backup Gmail Emails using Gmail Backup

These days, online mail accounts are like postal addresses. All your official and personal communication takes place via E-mail ids and it would be a nightmare if you find that, your important information and emails were being deleted by hackers. To prevent from such kind of problems, you may make use of Gmail Backup, a tool to backup all your emails present in Gmail account. At present this tool is made available only for Gmail users and comes absolutely free. 🙂

gmail backup 

  • Just download this tiny application, install it, and save your login into this application.
  • Also you’ll need to activate IMAP option from your Gmail settings page.

Now you can backup all your emails in a regular interval and store them locally.

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(Via LifeHacker)

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  1. While talking about backing up the gmail data we should also think why we backup those. I think backing up gmail account is complete waste of time and effort. Now a days people don’t keep file in hard disk, upload all the files to Google account.

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