Ubuntu Server + CrashPlan + Backup + Remote Management using Mac

We already use rsanpshot for backups. But its always feel safe to have more than one kind of backup. For other type of backup, we use Crashplan. They support all major platforms, provides many options and have their service decently priced. It will take a separate post to list down all things I like about Crashplan so […]

Backup your Instagram Photos to Your Computer

Instagram has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. First added a lot more fans by becoming available on Android. That part was followed up by Facebook acquiring Instagram. Not all fans of Instagram are happy about Facebook acquiring the company as they fear that Facebook will kill Instagrams independence and turn […]

Backup All Firefox Settings Using FEBE [ Including Firefox Extensions]

You are working in an office and you are told to change your computer. You might have plenty of data on your computer, lets not talk about that, If you are a Firefox user then I am sure you might have many Firefox Add-on to your browser, to re-install all the add-ons would you like to maintain a list to keep a count of…

Backup your online accounts in a jiffy

Imagine, you have all you important messages on Gmail (or any other free services for that matter)  and suddenly, a meteor strikes Google servers deleting all your data! or some Hacker intrudes your account and swipes it clean! What are you going to do? There no guarantee that you’ll get it back. To prevent this […]

Now Backup list of your Orkut Friends on your Hard Disk!

Its not too long that, Orkut Plus launched a scrap backup tool called Scrap Backup mate using which it was possible to backup a copy of all the scraps of Orkut scrapbook locally (i.e. on your hard-disk). Because of a huge positive response to this awesome tool, OrkutPlus has recently developed another similar tool using […]

Backup Gmail Emails using Gmail Backup

These days, online mail accounts are like postal addresses. All your official and personal communication takes place via E-mail ids and it would be a nightmare if you find that, your important information and emails were being deleted by hackers. To prevent from such kind of problems, you may make use of Gmail Backup, a […]