Now use Gmail for Voice and Video Chat!

gmail-logo1Couple of hours ago, Gmail has announced its launch of “Gmail Voice and Video Chat” feature using which you can make voice and video calls to your online buddies right from the browser. Ironically, this feature is introduced first on the browser instead of messenger. Since long Gtalk was missing the feature of video calling which is now fulfilled by this brand new addon – Gmail for Voice and Video Chat. Seems, this new innovation is going to bring a stiff competition on the net telephony market, also the launch can be a red alert for Skype too.

gmail_voicenchat1 To get started, you just need to install this plugin and rest will be taken care of by it. 🙂 Now you must be wondering how to make voice and video calls right from the browser.. Isn’t it? Well, as highlighted on the image, after installing the plugin, just use the ‘Video & more’ button to get started. To help you understand better, I have also included a video tutorial at the bottom of this article.

As of now, we were unable to test the quality of these chats, but we will update this post once we get a chance to try it out for ourselves.

If you are still confused, just have a look on the video

Links: Video Chat Plugin | Support


Abhishek November 13, 2008

I found this feature with few gmail users not all !! so other needs to install plugin!!

Deepak Jain November 13, 2008

Yes.. About installing plugin I’ve already mentioned on the post 🙂

Abhishek November 13, 2008

Thanks, earlier I thought that its again for US Only

Deepak Jain November 14, 2008

Not at all…
Do you think Indian will leave Google if they would be so partial with us? 🙂

Abhishek November 14, 2008

Well They did it many time !! SMS to mobile from gtalk only for US number.

Deepak Jain November 14, 2008

Yes you got it right..
But let me clear that.. They had to withdraw the service just ‘cos they were partial with some countries 🙂

Abhishek November 15, 2008

that was the good thing !!

Chandra kanth January 11, 2009

Hey i have downloaded this plug in and installed. while installing i did not get any process information and i opened browser again but i did not get any voice or video options in gmail. i tried in IE,Firefox, and google chrome too. I want to know full version of this plugin or size or place where it will install in the system.

Deepak Jain January 12, 2009

@Chandra kanth
Just try reinstalling the plugin.. If you still face the issue do let us know