Backup your Twitter account upto 500 MB with Tweetstream [Free]

Most people who use Twitter do not really care about a backup for their Twitter account. Most people use Twitter to look for new information, follow events and even look up what their favorite celebrities are doing.

Some people do find their Twitter life very important and might want to back up their Twitter account details. Tweetstream seems to be a nice application to back up Twitter.

Tweetstream App Features

  • I could backup up to 500 MB of information when it came to my Twitter account details.
  • The information collected based on your backup is also quite interesting. I saw details like the number of tweets I sent in a particular month.
  • We can have up-to 3 Twitter accounts which can be backed up and synchronized.
  • I got a nice list of some of the people who most mention me in their tweet. This could help you realize who are you best buddies on Twitter. 😛

If you are someone who wants to know some trends about your own Twitter account along with backing up all the information on Twitter, then I would recommend you to go ahead and try out Tweetstream application.

Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Tweetstream