Banned from a particular website? [Possible Solutions]

There are thousands of websites on the Internet that you access and you might get banned from any one of them doesn’t matter what the reason is. For example last time Google banned me from there website due to overusing it. And it’s not just websites who might ban you, even some forums or social networking websites that requires a separate account for accessing it can do that. Now if you got banned from any website just try the steps given below,

  • RESETTING IP ADDRESS: This is one of the most effective way of removing a ban, and one of the easiest method too. To reset your IP address go to Start>>Run or simply press Windows+R. Now type cmd (that is the short form of command prompt) and hit enter. In the command prompt, type “ipconfig /release” in the command line and hit enter. This will disconnect your Internet for a while. Now again type “ipconfig /renew” and hit enter.


(NOTE: Type everything without quotes)

  • COOKIE: Clean/ delete your browser cookie. For Firefox to cleanup your cookies press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and Check the Cookies button.


  • ACCOUNT INFORMATION: This method can be used when your particular account is suspended like on Facebook or on Orkut. In this case the server bans your E-Mail id, Name, Personal Details e.t.c. In this case you can make a different account with different information from the older ones. Just changing the E-Mail id can also sort out your problem in this case.

If your are still banned then try all of the above points simultaneously. Else contact the site administrator directly and ask the reason for banning you. 🙂

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Sourish Nath October 2, 2009

The problem i face is with orkut , while they put genuine msgs in spam box