Banned from a particular website? [Possible Solutions]

There are thousands of websites on the Internet that you access and you might get banned from any one of them doesn’t matter what the reason is. For example last time Google banned me from there website due to overusing it. And it’s not just websites who might ban you, even some forums or […]

How to avoid Google from banning your website? – Part 2

If you’ve had a site running for more than 6 months and getting over 500 visitors daily, it not pretty hard to figure out that 80% of them are coming from search results found on Google. And what happens if, one fine day you realize that Google has banned your site! Find out how you can play it safe and get your deserved organic search results.

China backs down as Green Dam Youth Escort calls Garfield Porn!

Now, that can’t be right! Wasn’t the Green Dam Software actually designed to filter pornography and violence from the Internet in China? According to a report, Chinese Web users testing the software have found that Green Dam is apparently blocking photos of babies, pork, actor Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton and even Garfield (Garfield?!? A cartoon cat? Oh come, not all cats can wear clothes!)

The authorities seem to have gone a little too far.

China Accuses Google of Spreading Pornography, Violating Nation’s Law

The government of China has accused Google of spreading pornography and vulgar content in the country, as a result, violating the nation’s law. People in China were temporarily unable to access the search engine, but it is still unknown whether Chinese government actions were responsible for these disruptions. Foreign ministry spokesman, Qin Gang says: “We […]

Google’s Street View controversy moves on to Greece

Since its launch in 2007, Google Street View has reached out to more than 100 cities worldwide, however has faced complaints related to privacy from many people and institutions that have been photographed. Street View provides 360-degree panoramic images of urban areas that the user can manipulate, as part of Google’s Internet mapping products.

Six Days in Fallujah: The Big Game-Controversy

Video games are basically for fun and entertainment, but some seem to get carried away and go a little too far. One such recent game is “Six Days in Fallujah” that ended up in controversies, and led to a massive public uproar. On April 27, 2009, Konami suspended its role as its publisher. Although the […]