Best Way to Lookup All Keyboard Shortcuts Without Leaving Gmail [Video]

In my opinion Gmail is the best email service. It does have handy features and one of the most underrated yet brilliant one is support for keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you to do just about everything while using Gmail.

For example, press “/” and the cursor is put in the search box. While reading an email, press “p” and the cursor moves to the previous message.

The logic behind these keyboard shortcuts is to use Gmail without using the mouse and hence speeding up your Gmail experience.

You can look up all your Gmail shortcuts at this link.  Recently Gmail has made it easier to access this list.

While you are on Gmail, just press “Shift + ?” and Gmail will display all the keyboard shortcuts. This means you can look them up without leaving Gmail. Also we can  now directly enable keyboard shortcuts from this screen itself.


Gmail has tweaked a lot of features which make it a great service. This will make not just Gmail fans very happy but also newbies on Gmail. Do drop in your comments.

Source: Gmail Blog

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Tech Crates April 7, 2011

Excellent … now I can keep gmail shortcuts handy !!

John April 12, 2011

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for sharing this post, it will really save lots of time while using gmail and it is so simple to view, just press “Shift + ?” and check all shortcut of gmail. superb