Catholic Parish in Chicago warns against using Facebook!

Recently leaders from a Roman Catholic Parish in Chicago, have called Facebook a temptation and told followers to avoid using the social networking website.

The St. John Cantius parish leaders in their bulletin wrote:

“[Facebook] is exactly the opposite of the Christian culture where people go into the secrecy and sacredness of the confessional to blot out their sins forever”

I for one do not understand why people would not want Facebook. Most youngster will end up having Facebook accounts and a better way for parents and adults to supervise this use is to engage with them on Facebook. This is much safer for parents as kids will end up having fake accounts and not consult their parents at all if use of Facebook is banned.

As far as Facebook giving rise to temptation, we cannot truly control everything we see and read online or anywhere unless we live like hermits without television and internet.

Thankfully this is a view of a small minority as we can see even the late Pope John Paul II has an official Facebook page.

What are your views? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Chicago Tribune