Best search engine for Rapidshare and Megaupload

Today we can see very large number of file sharing sites some of them getting more popular and some of them are not. These file sharing sites getting more and more popular for downloading illegal items because of the privacy purpose. We can get the same illegal item in torrent sites easily but people try to avoid downloading illegal item from those sites because they track each and every download you have made with there site. So, more chance of getting penalized from your government. If you download the same illegal item from the rapidshare or other file sharing site they won’t track your downloading what you have downloaded.

So for the safety purpose people won’t go for torrents sites instead they tend to visit files sharing sites like rapidshare, ziddu, megaupload and more. The hardest job is to find your file in file sharing sites because the file sharing sites  won’t provide you search engine to search files inside there server. So today in this post I will try to cover some most popular search engine for file sharing site.

#1  Rapidshare Search Engine:


No doubt rapidshare share is one of the most popular file sharing site. It contains too many files inside there server and you can download files at very high speed if you have an premium account otherwise you can download at low speed if you don’t have a premium account. Below are the some of the most popular search engine used to search files inside Rapidshare site.


There are plenty of search engine which are available to search files in rapidshare but most of them contain only affiliate links and adult ads but the above five search engine are the best of all rapidshare search engine.

#2 Megaupload Search Engine:


Megaupload is one of the popular file sharing site next to the Rapidshare the one thing I link here is you can download as many files as you wish for free of cost without having download limit. Below are the some of the most popular search engine used to search files inside MegaUpload site.


The above five site give best result to search files in megaupload.

All the search engine what we added here are giving good result. You can make use of these search engine to search files in files sharing site. If know any other search engine to search files in rapidshare or megaupload then let me about it through your comments 🙂

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mathan December 27, 2009

useful information for file sharing.Most of the time i used rapid share for share my files. i like it most well.

Jasleen Pal Singh December 28, 2009

The best rapidshare search engine is You have not listed that.

P.K.ARUN December 29, 2009

@Jasleen Pal Singh

Thanks for adding… There are plenty of search engine are there but I selected only few of them.

Sorority Websites February 26, 2010

rapid-share is best way for file sharing. It is more secure.

Luke November 26, 2010

you should check sharedir,
searches rapidshare, megaupload and all other hosts too!