Best DC++ alternatives for Macintosh

Sharing over LAN is indeed the lifeline of many college students, nearly all major technological institues and universities have their own network of over the lan sharing, popularly known as DC or DC++ ease of use and efficiency of this protocol has made it extremely useful in places which have a large number of inter-connected user base. Windows is already blessed with […]

Share Your Dropbox Folders with a Link

Dropbox today has introduced a new feature of allowing users to share folders with other with but sharing a link. This option has been made available on their website. Every folder on a Dropbox account now has the option of being shared with a URL. On the Desktop application similar option show up if you right click […]

Final Folder: Archive files online with your email

One thing we all have are too many files with some sort of importance. The other problem is we do not always use a single computer. Take my example I usually end up working with 3 different computers from 3 different locations. This makes it important to collaborate files which you might want at all […]

Allow your website visitors to send you files from an interface on your website

I have used few different websites to transfer large files on emails! Including yousendit, sendspace, wetransfer, dropbox etc.  All are very useful. There is another service which I think is not used by many and which could be very useful for some website and business owners! It is basically a File Transfer facility on your […]

After images and videos now share files on Twitter

I am sure you are aware of the many Twitter applications and services which allow you to share links, photos and even videos. We have already reviewed how you can organize and share Twitter links or even the other way round about how you can share tweet links from You Tube to Twitter.

But what about files? Sharing files through Twitter can be quite handy as I might want to exchange certain text files with my followers rather than have it on a website and then share the link.

Best search engine for Rapidshare and Megaupload

Today we can see very large number of file sharing sites some of them getting more popular and some of them are not. These file sharing sites getting more and more popular for downloading illegal items because of the privacy purpose. We can get the same illegal item in torrent sites easily but people try […]

How to share very large files for free? [upto 2GB]

had to share some home movies and pictures the total space it cornered was 1GB. It can be quite a tedious task to upload these files to a file sharing webs service. Most times such websites require registering and subscribing which obviously means spending money.

We Transfer info is a website which offers all that and also helps you to share the file with someone using their email address.

GGF hopes to make Pirate Bay “Legal” for Free Music and Movies

Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) – a Swedish gaming company has acquired the notorious peer-to-peer file-sharing site “The Pirate Bay” for $7.8 million. GGF has plans to turn it into a legitimate, legal download service, with new business models that will pay content owners. The Pirate Bay – trapped in legal issues The acquisition seems […]

Sharing Files Over Miles For Free– Browser to Browser!

We all know of various online services that help in sending files over the Internet. However, not many allow you to do that without having to use any server. You could easily overcome this challenge now. With FilesOverMiles, there are no complications involved! Just send files directly to other users (P2P) using your browser for […]