Bing now displays Results according to Facebook Likes

The Microsoft Bing search engine will soon integrate 'Facebook Likes' more prominently into its search results. Wow.

The Microsoft Bing search engine will soon integrate ‘Facebook Likes‘ more prominently into its search results. Wow.

Bing added Facebook Instant Personalization and began showing Liked results at the bottom of result pages in October. Well, now when you search for something, your friend’s name will appear below the search result.

According to the Bing blog, they will be showing results with Facebook user’s name etc. They said,

You may not see Liked Results on every query, but when it does trigger it’s often a delightful experience. We are hoping that it will make searching on Bing more effortless and enjoyable. We are continuing to work with Facebook to make search more social and relevant.

Look at the image above, you will see the Facebook user’s name who have liked that place or something. What do you think ? Are you excited about this kind of search ? Let me know through your comments. 🙂