Sync MS Office on multiple computers with Google Docs

When I bought a laptop, I only used Google Docs and never really bothered to get MS Office installed. After a few days, I have a desktop at home on which I have MS-Office 2007. I obviously end up using MS-Office applications to create documents when using my desktop. To access them on my laptop, I end up uploading these files to Google Docs so I can use them on my laptop. I know it is a little complicated but Google had made life a lot more easy with their latest plugin. ๐Ÿ™‚


How to use Google Cloud Connect with MS Office

  • This plugin works with MS Office 2007 onwards. Download it from this link and open a MS Office document.
  • The document once open will prompt you to connect that file to Google Docs (see image below).


  • Once you click on โ€˜Loginโ€™ just enter your Google username and password. The plugin allows both manual and automatic synchronization with Google Docs.
  • The synced document is also available on Google Docs.

Google Cloud Connect Video

The video is a good demo that shows how the plugin works.

Try out Google Cloud connect and synchronize MS Office from different computers. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Cloud Connect


Ankit Das February 25, 2011

it will make my life much more easier now! Awesome!

Deepak Jain February 26, 2011

Was looking for some such things since long!

But, what if I edit a spreadsheet on a desk that already has the earlier version of the sheet on gDocs? Will the data inside the 2 sheets get synced?

Aditya Kane February 26, 2011

Yes the data will sync with the 2 sheets. Might not see the live syncing that we see with Google Docs but I guess this is not bad either. ๐Ÿ™‚

Web Hosting February 26, 2011

This is what I was looking for. Actually so many people have written about Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office but none of them have clearly explained about the actual real time application of it.

Aditya, you have explained it so perfectly.

Aditya Kane February 26, 2011

Thanks, by the way slightly unrelated to the topic, it would be nice for you to have your first or last name in comments. A nickname would be cool too! We just prefer not to have comments with Keywords or site names. Your name is linked to the website URL you enter anyways.