Birthday Notifications Arrive on Google+

It looks like Google+ is rolling out Birthday notifications. This morning as I logged into my Google+ account, I was shown a pop-up to confirm if my birth date should be shared with my circles, so that they can wish me on my birthday.

Birthday Notifications Google+

With the recent introduction of Google+ Events, it was expected that it will try to replicate birthday notifications feature, which is very popular on arch rival Facebook.

Birthday Notifications are vital for emotional connect

Honestly at the price of looking vain, it is quite flattering to see my Facebook friends fill up my Facebook wall with their wishes on my birthday. But if you have more over 300 friends on Facebook, these wall posts get a little overwhelming. I truly wish Facebook makes things a little more organized and maybe with their new Events revamp they will do so.

This sort of problem of your wall being full of birthday wishes will not happen on Google+, as there is no wall as such. People can tag users on their posts but not leave out posts on the profile page itself. I am really curious to see how Google+ leverages birthday notifications, especially since it has a very popular service called Google Calendar.

More importantly birthday notifications create a sort of emotional connect and is also gives a happy reason for people to keep in touch. This ‘keeping in touch’ activity is very important for social products to bloom.

Thanks to @Razarahil for the tip.

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Adarsh July 21, 2012

I have seen this 1month ago…..

Aditya Kane July 21, 2012

@Adarsh: I have seen it for the first time. Also a few others also saw it for the first time. The screenshots notes that it will allow friends and family to wish on birthdays, so that leads me to believe birthday notifications are around the corner on Google+.